Windows Aluminum Capping in North York.

Tired of the non-stop window fixes?
Does the problem never end? Well, it may just be time for a Window aluminum capping.
An aluminum capping is the process of coating wooden or steel window frames with aluminum material.
Live in North York?
Thinking about getting aluminum capping done for your comfort and for increasing the resale value of your house?
Well, Employ the services of the best window aluminum cappers in North York. Glass and Window Repair Experts North York, ON

All about Aluminum Capping.

What is all the fuss about aluminum capping? Why is it better than regular frames? Aluminum capping has set itself apart through various distinguishing factors namely; durability, affordability aesthetics, etc.

Damage Prevention

Aluminum capping helps prevent further damage by keeping out the elements, keeping insects from weakening the wooden frames, and prevents frames from hollowness or rottenness.


Durability; aluminum capping increases window frame strength and ensures resistance to rusting and depreciation.

Energy Saving

Aluminum capping helps to save energy, air leaks, and caps; maximum insulation.

Our Services;

At Glass and window repair experts, our window aluminum capping services include:

  • As soon as we get your call, we deploy a team to assess the windows to be capped with aluminum.
  • Afterwards we send a quotation to the client and wait for the go-ahead. We are also open to working within the budget of a thin client. We are also open about being accountable to clients service cost questions.
  • We go on to deploy a group of handymen to your home and they offer the coat the window frames with aluminum. This helps prevent attacks from pests, water damage, and so on.
  • We also offer same day services and emergency services. Although these come at a higher price, we are positive it still stays within the confines of your budget and you do not have to break a bank or incur debts.

Why Choose Us.

We at Glass and Window Repair Experts North York have set ourselves apart from the competition by

  • Our reviews attest to the flawlessness of our quality service. We can always provide three recent clients if you seek extra validation.
  • We are licensed and certified and have been in business for five years
  • We are strictly professional in our approach to business and have trained our employees as well. From the first call to the quotation to the jobs by the handyman, we seek to attain just three things with our professionalism; efficiency, productivity, and maximum customer satisfaction.
  • We are dedicated to completing all jobs within a timely manner so as not to encroach on the privacy and convenience of our clients.
  • WWith Glass and Window Repair Experts North York, ON, you can be rest assured your windows are in the right hands; peace of mind.

Call us today to give your old wooden frames an aluminum capping and join a happier community of homeowners with the higher home resale value, sturdier frames, and overall satisfaction.