Windows Caulking and Sealing in North York.

Air leaks in your window?

Now that’s a real bummer. All the warmth or air condition is getting wasted and as such, doubling your expenses.

Well, your issue is simply a faulty window caulking and/or sealing.

But don’t fret, you do not have to go through a complete window overhaul and inconvenience the entire financial plans for the year, you could opt for a much financially affordable solution; sealing those window leaks.

Need window caulking and sealing in North York? We at Glass and Window Repair Experts North York, ON offer to ease your burden.

Sit down, drop that checkbook, place a call to us and let us handle your window worries.

About Us

We at Glass and Window repair experts are a window repair company in North York, ON, that has been in existence for the past five years.
At Glass and Window repair experts, we offer our numerous services; window glass repair, broken glass replacement, window hinges and cranks repair, frame replacement, window installation, planes aluminum, etc., to both residential areas and corporate areas.
At Glass and Window repair experts, we are committed to customer satisfaction, taking each client's job as seriously as the next, impeccable service, and amiable customer interaction. Our policies are ultimately customer friendly, easy to walk through and we are available round the clock. We have ample workmanship at our disposal to deploy to your job whenever need be.
At Glass and Window repair experts North York Ontario, we have served over two hundred homes within set updates and have delivered stellar services only, our bout of customer reviews attest to that fact.

Our Services

At Glass and Windows Repair experts, we offer all the services related to windows repair and installation. For Caulking and finishing, we offer the following services.

Upon receiving your call, we send a team of handymen to assess the damage and discover where the air leaks are.

We draft a quotation for our clients, send it to them, and wait for the agreement or approval of the client.

The team of deployed handymen begins to fill out the leaks with our tools/ We caulk the leaks with waterproof sealing agents and ensure the windows are airtight

We check for any other window damage the client may have missed in the description and advise them accordingly.

We offer same day service deliveries and emergency fixes too

We offer a warranty for all jobs done. If any of our services develop issues before the due date, we are obliged to fix the damage free of charge. However, this doesn’t hold if the damage was caused by external forces

Why Choose Us

Our reviews attest to the flawlessness of our quality service. We can always provide three recent clients if you seek extra validation.

We are strictly professional in our approach to business and have trained our employees as well. From the first call to the quotation to the jobs by the handyman, we seek to attain just three things with our professionalism; efficiency, productivity, and maximum customer satisfaction

We are licensed and certified and have been in business for five years.

We are dedicated to completing all jobs within a timely manner so as not to encroach on the privacy and convenience of our clients .