Do you struggle with opening and shutting your window? Miss the days when your window would open and shut without it having to be a war? Can’t understand why your window won’t just function without a lot of tugging and pulling? Or is it that your window won’t stay put and you have it dangling?

We at Glass and Window repair experts are a window repair company in North York, ON, that has been in existence for the past five years.

At Glass and Window repair experts North York Ontario, we have served over two hundred homes within set updates and have delivered stellar services only, our bout of customer reviews attest to that fact.

At Glass and Window repair experts, we are committed to customer satisfaction, taking each client's job as seriously as the next, impeccable service, and amiable customer interaction. Our policies are ultimately customer friendly, easy to walk through and we are available round the clock. We have ample workmanship at our disposal to deploy to your job whenever need be.

At Glass and Window repair experts, we offer our numerous services; window glass repair, broken glass replacement, window hinges and cranks repair, frame replacement, window installation, planes aluminum, etc., to both residential areas and corporate areas.

Our Services

At Glass and Window Repair Experts North York, ON, we offer a plethora of services on window repair. From the installation of new window planes to repair of broken glass to tiny details like finishing or window locks and hinges, we are your point of call. Below are our service for Window Hinges;

A thorough assessment; As soon as you place the call, we send a group of workers to assess the damage you called about and we also check for any other window irregularities just In case you missed it.

We send a quotation after damage assessment and wait for approval or agreement from our client.

We go-ahead to purchase the window mechanism for your window; from double action hinges to butt lung or even flush hinges. Our team of handymen is often trained experts that can identify durable materials specifically for your job.

Our team of handymen goes ahead to work on your job in a timely and organized manner. Other services we render include;

Finding you the right machine if you would like a replacement for décor purposes

We also offer emergency hinge repair and replacement. Our services lines are available round the clock and our functions are also available 24/7.

We offer a guarantee on all our services. If any service rendered develops a fault before the expected day, we are obliged to fix them free of charge

Why not Some Other Company?

Seeking value for money, it is only normal to consider options. At Glass and Window Repair Experts North York, we have set yourself a tad bit apart from the competition by

  • Our reviews attest to the flawlessness of our quality service. We can always provide three recent clients if you seek extra validation.
  • We are licensed and certified and have been in business for five years
  • We are strictly professional in our approach to business and have trained our employees as well. From the first call to the quotation to the jobs by the handyman, we seek to attain just three things with our professionalism; efficiency, productivity, and maximum customer satisfaction
  • We are dedicated to completing all jobs within a timely manner so as not to encroach on the privacy and convenience of our clients
  • With Glass and Window Repair Experts North York, ON, you can reassure your windows.

Be a part of a safer community of people in North York with safer windows by calling us to check yours out today.