About Us

We at Glass and Window repair experts are a window repair company in North York, ON, that has been in existence for the past five years.

At Glass and Window repair experts North York Ontario, we have served over two hundred homes within set updates and have delivered stellar services only, our bout of customer reviews attest to that fact.

At Glass and Window repair experts, we offer our numerous services; window glass repair, broken glass replacement, window hinges and cranks repair, frame replacement, window installation, planes aluminum, etc., to both residential areas and corporate areas.

At Glass and Window repair experts, we are committed to customer satisfaction, taking each client's job as seriously as the next, impeccable service, and amiable customer interaction. Our policies are ultimately customer friendly, easy to walk through and we are available round the clock. We have ample workmanship at our disposal to deploy to your job whenever need be.

Our Services

At Glass and Window Repair Experts North York ON, we offer services for everything window related. From full-on installments of glass, vinyl, aluminum, frame installments to hinges repair and even locks repair and installments. To request our services for locks repair, place a call to us and then:

Handymen Deployment

We deploy a handyman to assess the damage level. This often includes checking for the client's complaints and also assessing the overall window strength. Clients often miss other window issues like rusted hinges, rotten window wooden frames, and even overlook glass cracks. We advise clients on other pending issues and await their response (go-ahead to fix).

Accessing Damage Level

Having assessed the damage levels, we draft a quotation and deliver it to the clients.

Agreement on Materials

Upon an agreement, we purchase all needed materials to fix the locks, be it cranks or hinge lock, customized or automated window locks. There are also options for Homeowners to change the original lock rather than simply replacing them


Our team of handymen is then deployed to the client's issue and they are to fix all damages within a stipulated time


We offer a warranty; this implies that all services are not to develop faults until a stipulated time, if they do, we are mandated to fix them free of charge.

Why Choose US

Our Reviews attest to the services we offer. Upon inquiry, we can always provide references of three recently concluded jobs, upon request. You can cross-check with them if you need extra validation

Professionalism; we are strictly professional in our approach to business, and as such we are all about efficiency, productivity, and of course healthy customer relations.

S for speed; we value your privacy and convenience and as such, our handymen never slack on the job.
Value; we value our customer's opinions and concerns, and we are to attend to them every step of the way.

Peace of mind: Choosing us at Glass and Window Repair Expert North York ON, care about your safety because we know how important security is, we will never deliver defective locks so you can rest assured you are in safe hands.